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who is getting price update notification emails

Date : 2015-01-26   |   User : Rizwan Khan   |   Vote : 1   |   Implemented in Version : 2.3.1 RC10    

currently NOT possible to select who should get price update notification email, i have many customer reported they do NOT want price change email, I checked they are NOT set to receive newsletter on profile. NOR they are set as Newsletter subscriber under utility, NOR they are in my VIP group as reseller but still getting emails about price change which I dont know how to stop. Could you please set option so that such emails only go to selected groups, VIP1 and VIP 2 etc, NOT to every customer on website as there are over 3k users and really bad impression to keep sending them unwanted emails and no option to Unsubscribe as that also dont work on footer email. Please update and fix this bug. Many thanks

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