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phone models attached to service

Date : 2014-06-29   |   User : Rizwan Khan   |   Vote : 1    

when I select a service, i.e. Alcatel in API connection, it should automatically pick the attached MODELS for that service as setup on source server. Its getting very complicated where source has many similar services for same models, i.e. Alcatel via PRD has a different ID for phone model and Via SECRO has different model id, so when service is activated its nightmare to select the model numbers from the big list. In my current settings for unlockking I have almost 3 different model ID for same phone model so when service is selected its not easy to pick correct ones. Please update and fix this problem so when service is selected attached models are automatically selected to avoid this issue. Just to add here, unlockbase api auto selects the model attached to service its just the dhru api not does this good bit. Thank you

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