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multiple price show on IMEI service

Date : 2017-03-09   |   User : Muhammad Shafiq   |   Vote : 1    

Dear sir, We need new feature on Dhru + eCommerce in imei service.. like .. (service name softbank japan unlock iphone).. Then we need new dropdown menu infront of price text box .. we need drop down menu to show multiple phone models i.e . iphone 5, iphone 6 , iphone4 . etc.. (these models we enter manually as per our need.). when we select iphone 5 we write price on price box 50$ . when we select iphone 6 .. we write price on price box 60$ ..we shall manually when we place order. .. At the time of place order when customer select product for place order. > then select iphone 5 from dropdown menu price show 50$ at the same time when customer choose iphone 6 and select from dropdown menu then price show 60$... regarding API for this feature .. if we connect api for same service but different option .. like we select iphone 5 and api will connect to abc .. if we connect iphone 6 API connect to xyz supplier. we need this option for multiple supplier with same product.. Hope you understand what we need .. Regards. shafiq

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