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link multiple services for duplicate order auto reply RC 2.3.0

Date : 2014-08-14   |   User : Rizwan Khan   |   Vote : 1    

for duplicate order reply automation there should be option to link multiple services together (i.e. All LG services ( ID 1,2,3,8) linked together for duplicate order reply), so if customer places duplicate order via any linked service 1 or service 2, code should be replied itself (if already available). This could help to avoid situations where customer placed GSX order for iphone first then placing unlocking service later and he may end up GSX information again as order completed but infact that wouldn't be the case, but if linking option is possible then only Unlocking services could be linked together for such duplicate auto reply and take real benefit. I have 3 Services for Samsung Europe so it wouldn't help if there is a duplicate order, again 3 services for LG and duplicate order reply wouldn't really be beneficial if duplicate order is not from same service ID. thanks

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