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intelligent search to search additional custom field

Date : 2014-10-16   |   User : Rizwan Khan   |   Vote : 1    

if MEID Dec is used as custom field and IMEI is used as additional field as required. However the intelligent search only search with the main information used i.e IMEI field or Custom main field, so when order is placed on source the additional customer field becomes the main input field and then its not possible to search with other details. For example, SPC MSL code for CDMA order was placed with MEID DEC but imei was also required, however I can only search order with MEID Dec and if i search with IMEI number which was additional field it never search because its NOT main target to search for, so could you please improve the intelligent search to look for custom additional fields for any matching words/numbers as well to make it more intelligent? thanks

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