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block certain IMEI numbers from processing for IMEI Service

Date : 2014-07-21   |   User : Rizwan Khan   |   Vote : 1   |   Implemented in Version : 2.3.1 RC6    

it would great to have the option to block certain IMEIs for any service. for example I dont want any order to be placed for my Lumia Service 1 for any imei starts with 353045.06xxxxx or 358341.05xxxx, customers mostly do NOT check such exception and place their orders, I have to refund over 20 orders yesterday for same reason. Therefore if there was an option to block certain imei to be processed under any selected service, it would have been great option to stop that happening. Please have a look if this feature could be added as new screen tab when in edit imei service mode. Thank you

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