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Validation Error error Service not active Reference

Date : 2014-04-29   |   User : Rizwan Khan   |   Vote : 2    

if on any IMEI service, the API connection if left blank it should not give this error when customer place an order; ValidationError123error: Service not active ReferenceID 2983 Its totally wrong that customer is getting this information and rejection email, Dhru Fusion should put that order in PENDING for ADMIN to sort out after updating the API connection and its not to BE REJECTED like this. Such thing would happen to anyone where source has changed the API and user not yet has sync and when user has synced the API connection service is lost as may be service is not active any more, however its not something that FUSION should inform our customers by rejecting the orders and telling them service not active? Please use common sense in your approach when you develop any process, ask users for their feedback if you are not sure how it should be? Thanks

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