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Retail Store improvements

Date : 2016-06-22   |   User : Darren Kidd   |   Vote : 1   |   Implemented in Version : 4.1 RC1    

As it stands, the Dhru Retail Store/E-commerce add on for Dhru Fusion is not fit for purpose. There seems to be a lot of essential features that are missing from the system compared to other e-commerce systems such as Magento. Could you add the ability for us to add the following things? 1. Add/Edit EAN's (European Article No) to products - This will allow Google to see we are selling a particular item, and link this item to Google shopping & product reviews etc. 2. Add/Edit SKU's for each product - This will allow us to sync our inventory between platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Magento etc. 3. Add the ability to search products by SKU in the intelligent search bar. 4. Redesign the whole retail checkout experience - At the moment the Dhru checkout experience is confusing for customers, this needs to be simplified in order to minimise abandoned shopping carts. 5. The current templates available in Dhru Fusion are not very good for retail selling, the template editor is awful and very slow to use. It would be nice for you to add some properly tested/updated retail templates which we could use and edit for our retail store.

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