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Date : 2016-08-17   |   User : GSM IMEI   |   Vote : 1   |   Implemented in Version : 4.1 RC1    

Hi I have notice there is a issue when replying back to 300+ IMEI in bulk reply not all will be marked i have to keep copying and pasting same batch of IMEI to make sure none is showing in pending, considering i am using dedicated server for hosting. Also regards with Bulk reply its very very difficult to mark Unlocked Or Reject due to my sources don't have web and i get reply back in this format below; Unlocked 1234567890233 1123123123123 1230912039210 1231092381092 1293129038120 Reject 0980980980989 8768768768767 8979879879879 9878979879879 9088979879879 Each IMEI need to be marked unlocked in the first column without this the system will not pick up and even so when each imei is marked unlocked or not supported automatically the system will merge all words like this notsupported. To understand more better try and mark 300 imei number you will understand the frustration and if your thinking using excel to insert reply in second column and have imei number in the first column it will not work due to the white spacing. I would recommend to add the predefined replies within the bulk reply e.g when marking huge imei numbers in bulk reply but don't have the correct format like below; IMEI REPLY 123123123 Unlocked 123123123 Unlocked Then have the option to drop down and choose the predefined reply same as quick reply.

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