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Not Supported Network and Models Central Database

Date : 2014-08-02   |   User : Rizwan Khan   |   Vote : 1    

for certain IMEI services, various networks and models are not supported. however to make it easier could you please put these in central database so everyone could pick the selection and then should be displayed in service description as NOT supported with some symbol ''NOT SUPPORTED''. For example most of the IMEI service do NOT support these; A TICK box to select and de-select for each service, option to add more variables as well -All LTE CDMA phones (have simcard slot) IMEI start with: 99xxxxxxxxxxxxx (this will be covered by block certain imei feature coming soon...) -All CDMA phones (no simcard slot) -All phones from Tracefone Wireless -All phones from Net10 -All phones from Straight Talk USA -All phones from Sprint USA -Huawei G510 -Orange Daytona -etc -etc -etc Thank you

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