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FIX Auto update client group price IN multi currency exchange

Date : 2015-06-04   |   User : Rizwan Khan   |   Vote : 2   |   Implemented in Version : 2.3.1 RC10    

hi you have changed status of previous request as completed as in release 2.1.1.RC1 ??? however this feature is currently NOT available in any release, I am on 2.3.1RC8. I think this has been bit mis-understood and principally set up wrong, let me explain, currently if i change SERVICE price and hit save it is changing i.e 50 service price and updating in other currency under client group price which is wrong,as no relation of service price with client group price. These prices always different and not same so why update service price in other under group? My request is to please update ONLY CLIENT GROUP PRICE into multi currency. Its very important for re-sellers in multi currency. I am having to update all manually and take ages to manually check rates, convert and type. Please read my request again and update.. SOLUTION: Alternatively you could do it like this, see screen shot - keep service price separate from client group price please do not mix this up. Status changed to completed for your requested feature and this new feature available in upcoming version 2.1.1RC1 ========== Requested summery ========== Title : Auto update client group price in multi currency exchange Details: when Reseller group price is changed, please auto update currency/price of main currency to other currency, i.e. if main price in GPB 1, update that in USD and Euro as well when save button is clicked. Also when currency rate is auto updated, all prices should reflect the same based on new currency rate. Please see screenshot for easy explanation. thank you ======================================= Warm Regards

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