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Dhru Fusion Shipping Gateway

Date : 2016-06-23   |   User : Darren Kidd   |   Vote : 1   |   Implemented in Version : 4.1 RC1    

Currently the Dhru Fusion shipping gateway is not really fit for purpose. We can only set shipping rate by weight. Please add the ability for us to set up shipping rates by the price of the item. We also need the ability to add the estimated shipping time, this could be done by adding an additonal field in the shipping settings. Ideally it would be good if we had similar shipping settings to Amazon, eBay or Magento. With these systems we can set up shipping policies/tables for each country/region and choose whether we set shipping rate by product weight/price range etc. We can also assign that shipping policy to specific products. For example, we sell a lot of Lithium batteries which are classed as dangerous goods so cant be sent by normal airmail. Currently on eBay and Amazon we can set up a shipping policy for lithium batteries and assign it to all of these products. EG: Lithium Batteries UK - £0.00 (2-3 Working Days) UK - £5.50 (Next Working Day) Europe - £15 (1-4 Working Days) Rest of World £20 (1-7 Working Days) This is an essential feature of any e-commerce system, but it is missing for Dhru Fusion. Also it would be good to be able to add custom API for Royal Mail / DPD / Interlink Express tracking, so when we mark an item as shipped the shipping info gets sent directly to couriers system and produces label for us/sends customers tracking info.

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