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Dalpay integration have some bugs

Date : 2017-03-09   |   User : Muhammad Shafiq   |   Vote : 1    

Mr Shafiq of factoryunlocking.net our mutual client has opened a ticket (#391048) about this. The implementation currently live in DHRU Fusion releases does not implement required features. Specifically, we need i) line item detail to be sent in about the items being purchased (not just a summary invoice number/total amount), and ii) Instant Silent Post (our IPN system for accepted transactions) to be implemented. We attach a 'fix' for i) and ii) a full Instant Silent Post handler - DHRUfusion-DalpayCheckout_0.2.zip - based on your SDK example. You may use this code in your platform as needed. Some variable names your end we were unsure of - see the source code for comments in there. One thing is clear - you will need to add a field for 'Silent Post Password' in settings your end, along with the 'Merchant ID' and 'Page ID' you already have in the DalPay Checkout integration shipping with DHRU. I are happy to discuss these issues with the DHRU Fusion technical team on Skype (dalpayintegration), or by email to integration@dalpay.com Best, - Jon for DalPay Retail Tel: +354 412 2600 Skype: dalpayintegration

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