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Client Group Price amp Custom Price Set By Admin

Date : 2016-08-24   |   User : GSM IMEI   |   Vote : 1    

Hi ********* I would recommend to add a function where if a clients are in a certain group e.g. GROUP-1 and there is one particular client in that group would like to have certain services with a different price structure to GROUP-1 this can be done via client account SET PRICING, but when admin is updating price later for GROUP-1 there should be a function from system stating there are clients with CUSTOM PRICE set by admin in GROUP-1 and the system will show which clients have custom price and have an option for admin to set those clients with custom price back to default GROUP-1 price or have certain clients with custom price exempt from GROUP-1 by ticking multiple clients or single. ******** I would recommend having another function merged with above function which should state client’s custom prices of each individual service set by admin and have an option to amend custom prices rather than admin going back and forward to change custom price from SET PRICING of those individual clients. ********* I would like you to think about this function or have a go at being a client put yourself in a group which prices are set, then change client price not group price and after if you thinking of updating that group you will notice your client price is back to group price but you don’t want this as system does not allow you to stop this or tell you this. As you know if you were to update group pricing it will affect every user even the one with custom prices are set back to default group price, this is very frustrating as you don’t know which clients prices are set by admin.

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