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Autofill KBHPRDModeletc from admin side

Date : 2014-04-06   |   User : Ilan Manoim   |   Vote : 1    

It would be cool if we can preset the additional required information (model, network, PRD, etc) from the admin side for a specific product, so the customer doesnt need to select it. eg. some API suppliers require the user to select a model, but this step is redundant if there is only one option to chose from. Some customers also enter the PRD information incorrectly, so it avoids this problem too. If we want to set a product called "Alcatel 5020 wind" then there will always only be one PRD for them to enter, but if they enter it incorrectly the job is refunded. If we can preset that PRD for them so they dont even need to see it then its easier all around.

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