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Date : 2017-02-07   |   User : Muhammad Shafiq   |   Vote : 5    

Dear sir, I have suggestion to update price automatically . i.e.. Supplier name: abc have products xyz price is 10$, we attach API with supplier abc for product xyz .. we need profit from this supplier for this product 3$ .. we need text box link to supplier API price where we enter our profit 3$. so .. our sale price automatic become 13$ for supplier abc and his attach product xyz .. at the same time when supplier change price 10$ to 40$ .. as per our profit 3$.. price change to our server 43$ automaticly.. on the other hand if supplier disable xyz product .. our server admin show order as pending order .. once we notice this order are pending position . we check that supplier disable this product. we send order to other supplier .. auto price update work for both client , retail and wholesaler. hope you understand what i need.

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