Server service overview

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Server service overview

Go to products/services > Server services > edit Server service

Status : Indicate service stauts active or inactive

Service name : Edit service name

Service information : Service information display at service selection on place order page

Service listed in group : Service show under the selected service group

Delivery time : Unlock code delivery time of any place order of service

Price : Set selling price of service

Verification : Yes to verify reply order by user

Cancel order : Yes to cancel new order by user

Service type : choose Database, calculator or other service type

Icon link : Add external icon link (e.g. http://www.yoursitename/imagepath ) or add link from gallery

Download link : Add download link to download any service related information

Knowledgebase : to show service related knowledgebase to user

Features : Checked features to show users of related service

Notification by email : Enable to send order related notification to admin as well as to supplier or to given email id's, email id's sepetaed by comas else not send

Notification by sms : Send order notification by sms to user

Order successfull : set successfull order email template send to user

Order rejected : set rejected order email template send to user

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