Release Notes

Version : 4.0


  • PHP 7.0 Supported
  • New Design
  • New Android App
  • APi Optimisation, Automisation and Improvement 

New features and improvements

4.1 RC1 - Released

  • Admin Intelligent search becomes more intelligent
    • If you want to edit some user just type edit and username or email without space in box (e.g. "editdemo" or "editdemo@demo.com" to open edit demo user page)
    • If you want to add credit - Type credit and username or email without space in box ( e.g. "creditdemo" or "creditdemo@demo.com" to open financial page of demo user)
    • To edit IMEI order - Type edit and order id or imei without space in box ( e.g. "edit111" or "edit123456789012345" to open edit order page of 111 order number)
    • To open User's Statement page - write stat and username or email without space in box ( e.g. "statdemo" or "statdemo@demo.com" to open statement of demo user)
    • To open User's order page - write order and username or email without space in box (e.g. "orderdemo" or "orderdemo@demo.com" to open imei orders of demo user)
    • To view Invoice - write inv and invoice id without space in box  (e.g. "inv1982" to open 1982 invoice)
    • To Reply IMEI Order - write reply and order id without space in box (e.g. "reply2998" to reply 2998 order id ) and you will get Quick Reply Box.
    • If you search for user - Users recent orders will list below user details
    • If you search for IMEI service - Recent orders of that service will list below service details
  • PHP 7.0 Supported
  • New Dhru Client Android Application
    • IMEI,  Server ordering 
    • Order history of IMEI, File and Server
    • Client Statement 
    • Add Fund ( New Feature )
    • Support Ticket ( New Feature )
  • Mass GCM notification system for promotion and new updates
  • SMS Notification Enable/Disable Client wise from overview and update mutliple client
  • New design of Admin Panel
    • Easy menu access
    • You can access meny features without scrolling your page
    • More userfriendly design
  • GCM Notification
    • New GCM service available for Android App users
    • Send Mass notiification to your user from Admin panel 
    • Can view number of orders placed from App
  • Set your own row limit for Admin panels important page (e.g. Client List, Orders , Tickets etc) as per your sceen size.
  • Add Fund by Admin
    • Admin can select payment gateway and set transaction id details if invoice generated during add fund 
    • You can search add fund by transaction id 

Features added from request

Date range on user search area
API Services search option amp Sort Order
fusion 1 fusion 2 fusion 3 fusion 4
User payment gateway allocated by admin.
Add Quick Reply amp Manual Reply at File Service
User Note needed expiry date
New IMEI Order Email to show Custom Field Information
bulk reply missing custom reply on bulk imei submission
Add search box at order history at select services.
Improve Retail Customer Experience
Admin can create ticket.
Reason ReferenceID 2915476
Add File Service quotAuto update Client group price as per new price force fullyquot
Add Server Service quotAuto update Client group price as per new price force fullyquot
Added News Latter at Default Signup Values
Download subcategories
Arrange the download area so we can arrange the files by categories subcategories
Retail Store improvements
Dhru Fusion Shipping Gateway
BCC blank carbon copy email to admin for all IMEI emails sent to clients on specified email
Bulk Custom Reply To Orders
Need self update permission enable or disable.
Quantity Bulk Reply amp Custom Reply
Client Overview User Information
PayPal Transaction Search By ID
control and subcategories DOWNLOAD
IMEI Quick reply search by User
Easy users tickets identification from user account.
Default client group added in client search area
Added Verify For API not showing user, credits
Bulk Edit IMEI Services Manually verify before send to supplier
User of Overdrive at Dashbord
Add search box in server service load Knowledge Base.
Add Registration Profile auto listing in admin area
Hide other staff to Export All Client to Excel url.
Add staff permission for Store
Add staff permission for Cron Settings
Add staff permission for SMS Gateway Settings and Message
Replied Order Excel Export Should Show Unlock Code or word Unlocked
Add staff permission for Gallery.
Add Catalog cart permission for staff
Added ledgebase List Article search by Category
Staff Ticket Signature in reply tickets
IMEI, File Server order history page needed price
new service added notification to clients
Add Hyperlink on invoice client username.
Add hyperlink with username on file Order Details.
Add hyperlink with username on server Order Details.
sort order on Add New IMEI Service
client notification
Add search box on Bulk Reply
Notification Center and Messenger Like facebook.
checkout as guest do not get email nor active as group user
improve Retail Order Manually verify before send to supplier
User Login Price Change Notification
admin can allowdisallow SMS feature for client.
Improve Mobile View


4.1 RC4 - Released

4.1 RC5 - Released

4.1 RC6 - Released

  • New template issue fixes
  • New Android App Updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Order place performance improve

4.1 RC7 - Released

4.1 RC9 - Released

  • Client price change notification for IMEI services
    •  Client will get all price change notification in annoucements 
    • Client can disable notification after read 
    • Group wise price change, Personal discount and Credit change notification will generate

Features added from request


4.1 RC11 - Released

  • Admin can send price change notification forcefully without price change from imei quick edit and edit service
  • Client can create custom Low balance reminder  edit profile
  • APi Settings improvement 
  • Quick new service create from API
  • User wise Payment Gateway Allocation
    • Admin can assing payment gateway to user from profile->permission
    • User can view only selected payment gateway if allocated by admin
    • For all other user all active gateway is available 
  • When Supplier change price for services system will notify you with details and you can quick edit pricing by link found in notification email
    • Need to set cron job for price change notification from Settings -> Automation
  • Supplier panel - > Reply Order -> supplier can customize how many order he want to list
  • Protection improved
    • Captcha in Login and forgot password

Features added from request


4.1 RC12 - Released

  • Price change notification auto delete from automation 
  • Bulk Notification management by Admin
  • Bug Fixes

4.1 RC13 - Released

Configuration Changes

  • Settings -> General Settings -> Admin Data List per Page
  • Settings -> Orders -> Show IMEI Service Updates till
  • Settings -> Mobile App -> Dhru GCM APi Key
  • Settings -> Other -> Dhru Avatar Api
  • Settings -> Other -> Dhru GCM Notification 
  • Settings -> System Administrator -> Admin Roles -> Edit -> Assign all new roles
  • Settings -> Automation -> Cron for Service Price Notification
  • Settings -> Registration/Profile -> Captcha for Login
  • Settings -> Registration/Profile -> Captcha for Forgot password
  • Settings -> Automation -> Auto Delete Notification days


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