Release Notes

Version : 3.0

Release Date:2015-09-25

New default4 template with latest design, site that fill the entire browser window

Admin security improved

Advanced Admin utility introduced 

Restructure api communication system

Open source development available for payment gateways and Supplier's api

New features and improvements

3.0 RC1 (2015-09-23) - Released

  • Client side new template added ( default 4 )
    • Multi Purpose Fullscreen Template
    • Responsive design with animation
    • Custom Banner 
      • Create banner with background image and text formatting 
      • Banners are capable of handling slick animations natively using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
      • Menu has features of auto contrast adjustment with banner
    • Qnt wise place order price calculation and low credit alert
    • Easy and Fast Place order facility on single page
    • Quick search service on place order
    • Fiddle style navigation menu
    • Easy navigation, required minimal click to reach anywhere
    • Client Area optimisation with new WHMCS style
    • New Quick Checkout style specially for default 4
  • Admin Login security
    • Admin Login  One Time Password security added
    • Authentication done by Google Authenticator
  • Now its possible to synchronize email with Zoho email service
  • Client Group wise price change notification is available
  • APi settings new features
    • Separate cron for Send and Get order will improve performance
    • Admin can decide Send and Get order batch limit will reduce server load
  • Client Group price listing possible at Products and Services 
  • Mail Chimp synchronization is set batch wise
  • IMEI Service API connection search is easy with search suggestion
  • Downloads available with external file link
  • User message is available with html editor
  • Direct IMEI order information is now editable. Admin can define terms and conditions.
  • Admin will get Email notification on Client account blocked 
  • Reset multiple clients discount by single click for all services from Multiple Client Update
  • Admin can set default product display view Grid or List
  • Auto calculate client group price of same currency and different currency as per exchange rate
  • Admin invoice management improved
  • Agree with Terms of Services for IMEI
    • Set Terms and conditions in IMEI Information and select checkbox for agree with terms
    • User has to compulsorily tick Agree with terms to place order
  • Now you can send mass mail with Images of site Gallery
  • Increase or Decrease multiple IMEI service price group wise 
  • Invoice number Enumeration
    • Set Prefix with invoice number for Customer
    • Increase Invoice number with some hike not one by one 
  • Process Valid Transaction
    • Make Invoice paid if paypal transaction was done and valid but because of Fraud Protection invoice not paid automatically.
    • Now you can do this process for all invoice from once place. All invoice listed at single page and you can click and make it paid.
  • Export to CSV
    • Export all users at single click in csv format
    • Export Client Statements  in csv format
  • Place server order with Qnt. Admin can view Qnt of order in order history detail. 
  • Supplier Panel order management improved
  • Payment Gateway icon/image can be change by Admin or Admin can upload any image for any payment gateway
  • Low Credit Reminer email notification to secific group only possible
  • Automation optimisation 
    • Automation devided into 4 parts invoice notification, reminders, price change notification and remaining
    • It will decrease server load and script also required less loading time then current
  • IMEI order display with reseller and users price to Admin
  • Admin can enable or disable product comparison
  • Easy to find Brand/Model, Country/Provider with search box on following 
    • IMEI Place Order
    • Search Services from Products & Services
  • Upcoming Android new Application for Client 
  • Admin can manage  API service will auto disconnect or not
  • IMEI Service assign all models to selected brands and assign all providers to selected country possible with single check
  • Client will get IMEI order placed alert
  • IMEI order for verification will display separately on Dashboard
  • Quick Signup and Quick Login  with Google Plus and Facebook
  • Suppliers statement available currency wise
  • Quick order place from Brand/Model , Country/Provider improved
  • 5 more connection added for Other Fusion File services
  • Client mobile edition improved
  • Now its easy to manage black list whose account blocked by failed attempt and if genuine user then  Just click on Reset Password and Send Mail and user account will automatically activated more over blocked ip also removed form black list.
  • Dhru Client Android App improved
  • Cloud Banner - Get Instant Free and Paid banner from Dhru

Features added from request

3.1 RC2 (2015-12-24) - Released

3.1 RC3 (2016-1-29) - Released

3.1 RC4 (2016-1-29) - Released

Bulk submit and get orders via API added , option available with 10 new other fusion connections .
to use this feature both end need 3.1 RC4 and above

Features added from request

3.1 RC5 (2016-2-09) - Released

  • Admin can disable Gravatar to improve Client Area speed 
  • Cloud Theme 
    • Now you can directly download fusion theme from Admin Panel 
    • Lots of Free theme avaialble 
    • You can buy Paid theme also 
  • Client mobile theme - Product display simplify  with view mode  
  • Income summary - Admin can view summary of income currency wise 

Features added from request


3.1 RC7 (2016-05-25) - Released

  • Admin can create directory level protection from profile
    • Edit Admin and set .htaccess password protection
  • Client side order detail notes available
  • When admin rebate credit client will get admin comments in email
  • Client mobile edition improved
  • Admin can process order for Fraud protection enabled invoice
  • Client can view Order notes in order history
  • Paypal Callback Bug fixes
  • Other place order related bug fixes
  • Paypal Express checkout is now available 

Features added from request


3.1 RC6 (2016-3-30) - Released

  • Update Multiple Client improved 
  • Bulk file order improved
  • Scheduled email optimised 
  • Admin password security check - System will check and inform you about your Admin directory security is available or missing
  • Bug Fixes
  • Security updates


3.1 RC12 (2016-08-04) - Released

  • Admin can set currency manually  for API server or it will auto update when sync
  • API price with currency will display at API settings, Client Group Price, Quick edit IMEI services
  • Client Group price will auto calculate other currency price if base currency price is set and any other currency price is blank
  • IMEI services price difference 
    • Admin can check if any service price is lower than API price 
    • Admin can check if any currency wise price is lower than base currency price
    • Go to IMEI Service -> Quick Edit IMEI service there are two options Price < API Price , Other currency Price < BASE currency
  • Fetch pricing from all API
    • Now admin can fetch all API price by signle click 
    • Go to IMEI Service -> Quick Edit IMEI service and click on Fetch pricing from all API
  • Payment Received email to user is available with Amount and Invoice No.
  • Place order design optimised for default4 template
  • User will get notification on Client Area for price change by admin 
  • Bulk Search for IMEI implemented
    • User can search multiple IMEI numbers in a single click 
    • User can filter order by date range also 
  • Update Multiple Client  has new status available of Inactive/Blocked users. Now Admin can Remove Inactive Users directely from Update Multiple Client
  • Admin mutlitab optimized - Short name introduced for IMEI, File, Server services, Products and Order history
  • Admin can search multiple IMEI's in imei order history 
  • Admin can Download all client list to csv from Client List
  • Security improved

Features added from request


3.1 RC13 (2016-08-05) - Released

  • Bulk IMEI Search in Admin Panel order History 
  • User template updates

Features added from request

3.1 RC14 (2016-08-06) - Released

  • Maintenance of RC13 Updates
  • Quick Edit multiple IMEI Service enable/disable features
  • IMEI Order admin notes available  in Edit IMEI Order
  • IMEI accepted order set to New order in bulk action
  • IMEI Service list will display no. of processed order
  • Now User can choose whether want price change notification or not in Email Performance

Features added from request


3.1 RC16 (2016-08-09) - Released

3.1 RC18 (2016-08-15) - Released

  • Admin security update
  • Server Order Qnt bug fix
  • Maria DB support

Features added from request

3.1 RC19 (2016-09-30) - Released

  • Security Updates
  • You must change the root .htaccess in this updates
  • Delete old .htaccess and rename _.htaccess to .htaccess located in installation root


3.1 RC20 (2016-10-01) - Released

  • Maintenance for RC19

Configuration Changes

  • Settings -> System Administrator -> Second Authentication
  • Utilities -> Mass Mail -> Zoho Campaign
  • Settings -> Automation -> Change Price Notification
  • Settings -> API Settings -> Cron Settings
  • Clients/Suppliers -> Client Group -> Edit Group -> Show Group Pricing
  • Settings -> Site notification -> User notification
  • Settings -> General Settings -> Orders -> Direct IMEI Order Information
  • Settings -> General Settings -> Shopping Cart -> Default Product Display View
  • Settings -> Security -> Admin Email notificatino for Blocked Account -> Enable
  • Settings -> Automation -> Low Credit Reminder Notifiation group
  • Settings -> Automation -> cron2 with different action
  • Settings -> Shopping Cart -> Compare Product
  • Products/Services -> IMEI Service List -> Edit -> Information -> Accept Terms and Condition on Place Order
  • Settings -> Automation -> Auto Disconnect API
  • Settings -> Orders -> Send IMEI Order alert to Client
  • Settings -> General Settings -> Registration/Profile -> Google Plus Account Client ID
  • Settings -> General Settings -> Registration/Profile -> Facebook API ID , Secret Key , Access Token
  • Settings -> General Settings -> Gravatar 


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