Release Notes

Version : 2.3.0

Release Date:2014-07-15

New user friendly interface for both admin and client with speed , design and security improvements

Advanced admin panel with multi tabbing - multi tasking features.

New default3 template with advanced features and make process smooth

New features and improvements

2.3.1 RC1 (2014-07-15) - Beta

  • Client side new template added ( default 3 )
    • Navigation with icon
    • Redesign Navigation with icons
    • Most used options available on client area
    • Lots of new Shopping cart features added
  • Redesign whole Admin panel
    • Multiple tabbing possiblity
    • Dashboard is faster than ever
    • Optimized all processes
    • New TinyMCE Editor in built with our photo gallery 
    • Easy navigation on menu and submenu
  • Customized Payment gateway 
    • Now Admin can create payment gateway with custom field 
    • Clients can upload image ( transaction receipt etc )
    • Admin get notification of details submitted by client
    • Settings -> Payment Gateway -> Offline Payment Gateway -> Edit and Create Custom field
    • Admin can review details submitted by client from Dashboard -> Custom Gateway Pending Review
  • Encrypted and Password options available for custom field
  • Email black list ( Fraud List )
    • Stop unwanted or problematic email from direct process of paypal
    • You will be notify when client signup from this black list email
    • Utilities -> Email Black List 
  • Display Product features on Quick Info
    • Products/Services -> Catalog/ Cart -> Features Tab -> Check Quick Info tick box and can also set from Edit Features from same page
  • Quick checkout guest user separated from normal website user
    • Admin can see separate list Checkout as guest 
    • Admin can convert this guest user into normal user
    • Guest user excluded from  all mass mail etc.
    • Clients & Suppliers -> Checkout as a Guest User - Guest list 
    • Edit Guest and from Overview Check checkbox of Regular User to make it normal website user
  • Admin can annouse any news or upcoming info or new updates 
    • Annousement has option of Before login , After Login and in scrolling message also
    • CMS -> Announsements
  • Refund Process
    • Invocie refund process introduced in this system 
    • Edit Client -> Invoice (Admin or Client ) -> If invoice is paid or partialy paid then Refund option will available
    • Admin can refund invoice amount into clients credit or by manual process and it will reflect into satement as refund
    • Admin can also refund quick checkout pending orders separetely 
    • Dashboard -> Quick checkout Pending refund
  • Staff Summary
    • Now check all activities related to payment, credit and invoice of all admin ( Staff members )
    • Processed orders, Replied tickets, Credit related transactions, Invoice related activites all history available staff memeber wise and date wise. You can check most of it in graphical representation 
    • Reports -> Staff Summary
  • Order history data available statistically - Year wise order history is available
    • Orders -> IMEI Order history -> Order History ( Year Wise )
  • Auto accept duplicate IMEI order 
    • Automatically change new order status to accepted and add previous successful order reply. 
    • Admin can confirm this kind of already replied order.
    • Products/Services -> IMEI Services -> Edit Service -> Overview -> Auto accept duplicate IMEI Order
  • Advance Template Editor
    • Create your own template design from existing templates
    • Manage version of all customized tempalate and new template
    • Get alerts about new version availability 
    • Easy code editor to edit template and related parameters
    • Compare with existing or old page with new changes
    • Manage history of template pages
    • CMS -> Template Editor
  • New icon gallery introduced
  • Overdrive Credit for User
    • Admin can enable or disable overdrive globaly from General settings
    • Client wise overdrive access is also available in Edit User -> Financial -> Overdrive
    • Can set limit of amount for overdrive usage
  • Manage place order extra field
    • Enable or disable Customer notes, Admin comments , Response email and Response Number for all IMEI, File, Server globaly from Settings -> General Setttings -> Order Settings -> Place Order Notes, Commetns , Response email and No. 
  • Set Navigation icon from CMS -> Menu Manager -> Link . It will display in client side navigation
  • Quick checkout become more faster and easier 
  • Frequently used services
    • For IMEI service client can select if its used as frequently and get direct access of place order of that service from client area
  • Top services for client
    • Most used IMEI services list available in client area. Client can directely place order from any one service of them.
  • New widget added for Quick checkout
    • Directely search by Model name 
    • Complete your order within seconds 
    • All Payment gateway direct checkout and add to cart all in single widget
    • All other widget discontinued after this new widget
    • Settings-> Order -> Quick Checkout -> Default 
  • Verification order direct set back to success 
  • IMEI Service added 2 new filed SN and SecRO also added support for ap
  • Admin can search IP from whole database by Dashboard -> IP Search
  • Quick checkout restructuring
    • Easy to search service by model name
    • Process time reduced
  • Shopping cart new filter features
    • Filter Cart products by its features and brand name
    • Admin can configure and select list of features to use as filter  from Edit Products -> Features 
  • Admin Image Gallery redesigned and search function improved
  • Support Ticket suggest from knowledgebase article
  • Knowledgebase improved
  • Banner Slider updated
  • Admin can release annoucements for site users. 
    • 2 Types available by slider and in Client Area after login
    • User can hide once after read
  • Rejected IMEI order can bet set back to new or Accepted by Admin
  • Now its possible to display different name for Retail Purchase IMEI service
  •  Admin Order identification by flag App order, Retail order or Direct order
  • 5 Customized Offline gateways are available
  • Client side paging improved
  • Multi-language support improved
  • Admin will get IMEI Service summary of order and revenue currency wise
    • Settings -> Automation -> Daily IMEI Summary
  • Home page product display in slider 
    • Settings -> General Setting -> Shopping Cart -> Product Display Type
  • Admin can assign access of View invoice and Edit Invoice seperately 
    • Settings -> System Administrator -> Admin Roles -> Edit Role -> Edit Invoice 
  • APi
    • APi now handle 500+ orders in single submission (Fusion to Fusion) so now almost 50% server resource reduced.
    • Fusion to Fusion Custom fields support added.
    • Low Credit order reject by APi disabled and send notification to admin.
    • Auto disconnect service when supplier discontinue
    •  Invalid IP request error will not send to your users
    • Verify API Order before send to supplier from IMEI Order -> Verify API Order
      • Edit IMEI Service -> API Connection -> Enable Verify API
  • Mobile Addon Updated
  • Some new payment gateway support added like apipay, Paypal Express checkout , Bitcoin etc...
  • PayPal mass pay automated ( *Need PayPal APi access )
  • New option available in PayPal payment gateway (forcefully add shipping address for all products include digital delivery and add fund)
Mobile Addon Updated

2.3.0 RC6 (2014-12-25) - Released

2.3.1 RC5 (2014-11-10) - Released

2.3.1 RC6 (2014-12-25) - Released

Features added from request


2.3.1 RC7 (2015-03-10) - Released

Features added from request


2.3.1 RC8 (2015-05-19) - Released

2.3.1 RC9 (2015-06-12) - Released

Features added from request

2.3.1 RC10 (2015-07-22) - Released

Features added from request


2.3.1 RC11 (2015-11-21) - Released

  • Important Security Updates
  • Bug Fixes


Configuration Changes

  • Settigns-> Payment Gateway-> Offline Payment Gateway-> Custom Field
  • Settigns-> Payment Gateway-> Offline Payment Gateway-> client Can upload screen shot
  • Products/Services -> Catalog/ Cart -> Features Tab -> Check Quick Info
  • Settings-> General Settings -> Display Quick News
  • Settings-> Orders -> Show Encrypted Order 
  • Products/Services -> IMEI Services -> Edit Service -> Overview -> Auto accept duplicate IMEI Order
  • Settings -> General Settinngs -> Allow Overdrive
  • Settings -> Orders -> Place Order Comments, Notes, Email , No.
  • Settings-> Orders -> Quick Checkout
  • Products/Services-> IMEI Services -> Field -> SN & SecRO Enable/Disable
  • Products/Services-> Catalog/Cart -> Edit Product -> Features -> Select Feild type Dropdown -> Show in Filter
  • Settings -> Automation -> Daily IMEI Summary -> Enable 
  • Settings -> General Setting -> Shopping Cart -> Product Display Type
  • Settings -> System Administrator -> Admin Roles -> Edit Role -> Edit Invoice 
  • Edit IMEI Service -> API Connection -> Enable Verify API
  • Settings -> Fraud Protection -> Enable Auto Block
  • Settings -> Fraud Protection -> Fraud Cage

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