Release Notes

Version : 2.1.0

Release Date:2013-02-13

Selected changes since Dhru Fusion 2.0.1 that may be of interest:

Admin control panel now fully response for tablet and mobile phones

Most important database optimized and performance x10 improved

Now fusion can update it's self by just single click (Self update feature added)

New features and improvements

2.1.1RC1 (2013-03-14) - Released

  • Scheduled Email
    • Set Scheduled email settings enable to put User email in batch process
    • It will increase system performance
    • Admin can manage scheduled email list
  • Restore default email template by Reset Default button in edit email template
  • User invoice style changed
  • Predefined replies for IMEI order
    • Admin can create list of predefined replies e.g. Order Not Found , Not Available etc and apply it in list of imei orders directly when reply orders
  • Search orders of IMEI , File and Server direct using new features of intelligent search
    • e.g. IMEI:10 will find out IMEI orders having 10 order id or imei number starts with 10....
  • Database Indexing
    • Utilities -> Database Status -> If your database not indexed yet then show message for indexing
    • Once you complete this process system performance x10 times improved
    • After this process you can manage thousands of order easily
  • Self update system
    • Now you can update new version by your self
    • Open Admin -> Help -> Self Update.If new updates available just click and get latest update
  • Admin Responsive Design
    • New Admin template design that provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices includes tablets ,notebooks ,smart phones ,desktops and laptops
  • Admin can manage panel easily as like on desktop
  • Supplier Panel (2.1.1)
    • Order management separated by supplier
    • Supplier who is accept order can only reply order

Features added from request

2.1.1RC2 (2013-03-14) - Released

2.1.1RC9 (2013-04-03) - Released

  • Admin can see statement of system admins fund limit (Edit Admin > Fund Limit )
  • Reseller store server log bug fixed
  • Advertising edit bug Fixed
  • Some config not save bug Fixed
  • Now can create "Paid client group" for e.g if you want take charge for VIP Group from your client for spacial price


2.1.1RC10 - Released

  • Dashboard api status Bug Fixed
  • Api orders send to wrong api Bug Fixed
  • Other Fusion api more stable now
  • Some Bug fixed Paid Client Group feature

2.1.1RC11 - Released

  • Client profile save Bug Fixed
  • Client group reset to default bug fixed
  • Set service price with other currency and Group Bug fixed
  • Cron improved
  • Net profit report improved

2.1.1RC12 - Released

Some new api added

2.1.1RC13 - Released

Mail template editor Bug fixed for multiple language
Fixed image link in mail template

2.1.1RC14 - Released

Some Reseller store Bug fixed

Features added from request

Configuration Changes

  • Before start remove browser cache
  • Settings -> Email Settings -> Mail Sending type
  • Settings -> General Settings -> Orders -> Predefined Replies
  • Utilities -> Database Status -> Indexing


Manually Upgrading

If you choose to upgrade yourself, please follow the instructions below and in the release notes for the specific version to ensure a successful upgrade.

You can upgrade from any version to the latest. You do not need to do each incremental release between your current version & the latest in order to upgrade. Simply download the full release package for the latest version as described below and then follow the upgrade instructions linked to in the included README.txt file.

** System requirements is changed **
PHP 5.4 and latest ioncube loaders is required .

To upgrade your current installation to latest version, simply follow the steps below. These same steps can be used to upgrade from any Old Version.

  1. Begin by take database backup using a tool such as phpMyAdmin.
  2. Backup of your all files, Custom Language files and Template Files .
  3. Now download the latest version either from our Customer Hub Download Latest Version or from the provider of your license.
  4. Next, unzip the contents of the latest yourdomainname.zip file download to a folder on your computer.
  5. Next if you have customized your admin folder name, you should rename the admin folder in the new files to match.
  6. Upload the new files to your existing installation folder overwriting any existing files.
  7. Visit yourdomain.com/installer/ to upgrade.
  8. Accept the license agreement.
  9. Once the updates finish, delete the installer folder from your server.
  10. Don't forgot to remove your browser catch or hard refresh (Ctrl + F5).

The upgrade is now completed. The only thing left to do is update your custom templates if you have any with the new and changed template files for the new version.

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