Release Notes

Version : 1.6.0

Release Date:2011-12-25

Summary of selected changes in 1.6

Selected changes since Dhru Fusion 1.5 that may be of interest:

  • A new Default IMEI Retail template with new quick checkout widget.
  • Affiliate System ready now!
  • Now can set separate retail price for IMEI service.
  • FREE Mobile Admin template .
  • Fusion to Fusion api communication improved .


New features and improvements

1.6.1 (2012-01-10) - Released

  • Discontinue template "defaultsimple" and new template "default2" added, this new template clean,web 2.0 and CSS3 standees. check out live demo : http://dhru.com/cms/fusion/LiveDemo
  • Now Quick checkout with paypal is available with Tax calculation
  • Client can find Last 20 login history details from Account Details
  • Find out Service status ( Active or Inactive ) from My Profile -> Service status in Client area
  • You can search IMEI services for retail shopping from quick search
  • Filter Product feature wise. Products groups related features are available to filter product easily.
  • Create best deal products group for any special occasion. Admin Panel -> Products & Services -> Catlog -> List Products  Check selected products and click on 'Generate Link' set this link to any banner or advertisement.
  • Change price of any service and forget to reset discounts for all clients. Products & Services -> Edit Any ( IMEI ,File ,Server) Service -> Overview -> Set Price .
    • Reset price and tick 'Do not change custom discounted price' To keep discount same e.g. Service1 Pirce is 10USD and Client1 has discount of 1USD then when you change price to 15USD and if this checkbox is ticked then it will keep Client1 discount 1USD
    • 'Auto update custom price' If new price is lower than Users custom price then it will automatically updated. (e.g. current Client custom price is 50 and Service new price is 40 then auto update this Client price to 40)
  • Client can give review for IMEI Services and its available for Admin at Dashboard -> Customer Review and Edit IMEI service -> Customer Review
  • Find out Quick checkout pending orders form Dashboard -> Quick Checkout Pending Orders
  • 1 more default retail template "defaultretail" for IMEI service , include admin side edit . Now we have Total 5 default template .
  • GEO database updated.
  • Fusion to Fusion api communication updated (if you have large number of models list or network list (Over 40K), Now there is no problem while sync ).
  • Some new api added in list .
  • Admin Mobile template (FREE) .
  • Affiliate System ready .
  • Some security fixed.
  • Quick edit Product details.
  • Dashboard
    • Pending New & Accepted order count .
    • Today's rejected
    • Can check Yesterday / Last Month / Last Year Income .
    • See DHRU Tweeter news .
  • Getting started information in Admin Panel for those Who are new
  • Products & Services improved .
  • Reseller Store :
    • Reseller's user can pay by payapl to there reseller directly And Auto credit transfer after payment complete .
    • Reseller can see payment history also .
  • Now can set retail price separately For IMEI and Service log service .
  • Activate blocked user account by sms.
  • New Banner style with lots of Transition and Custom info box Effect and position for each banner .
  • New Stock Report  
  • Promotional code usage
  • Admin side order manager optimized, system will gonna slow while accept new orders or reply, so it's optimized now .
  • Client bulk reply in one mail for imei service success reply .

1.6.2 (2012-01-23) - Released

  • Activate blocked user account by sms.
  • New Banner style with lots of Transition and Custom info box Effect and position for each banner .
  • New Stock Report  
  • Promotional code usage
  • Admin side order manager optimized, system will gonna slow while accept new orders or reply, so it's optimized now .
  • Client bulk reply in one mail for imei service success reply .


1.6.3 (2012-02-10) - Released

  • POS (Point of sales) add-on now available for public. you can buy from add-on.
  • New system under maintenance page, with countdown timer.
  • IMEI Service reply success mail now have 2 option custom for reply in single mail and reply in one mail.
  • Admin Side template editor for "Default2" template.
  • Lots of improvement for default2 template and reseller store template.
  • Can change security questions.
  • Supplier panel fully unbranded.
  • Fusion to Fusion api connection improved now (Other fusion1,2,3,4,5).
  • 3 new payment gateway added (Cash,Credit Card,Debit Card).
  • New option "For POS" in edit gateway (Cash,Credit Card,Debit Card and Offline gateway).
  • Daily Deals feature added (Edit Product > Daily Deal)
  • Contact us Reply to option added.
  • You can upload product list in bulk via upload CSV file .
  • Reports improved .
  • Bug fixed reported in 1.6.2

1.6.4 (2012-02-20) - Released

  • Database Backup is available with configurable options
    • You can select Backup data Type Users , Services , System settings ,Orders or Email Templates
    • You can set email to send auto backup in email by Cron Job
  • Product Bundling (Offering several products for sale as one combined product.)
    • Edit Product -> Product Information (Tick Product Bundle option ). One new tab appear named Bundle by +Add Items in Bundle you can add more than one items.
    • When user view this Product available as a bundle of those all products
    • Same bundle product selling available in POS
  • Product Information page at User side changed with new look
  • Server Service in retail shopping is now available with customer review
  • Daily deals ( Set products for daily deal Edit Product-> Product Information ->Daily Deal )
    • Daily deal products are available on Home page with price and discount details
  • All Users common statement added in Report with all kind of Filtration
  • New Options in Update Multiple Account
    • In Update Multiple User account you can assign  all IMEI , File , Server services
    • API and Affiliate Enable Disable available in Update Multiple Account
  • Settings -> Registration / Profile two options added ( API , Affiliate ), for give default api access for new signup users .
  • Edit Product Order -> Print Invoice with new sticker print format .
  • Remove service has now two option Virtually Remove and Physically Remove .
    • If you remove service virtually its data available as it is but not display to User and you can restore it any time by simple activating in overview.
    • If you physically remove it then all data will removed.
  • Quick Checkout with Paypal - you can view Order ID in paypal order summary and some bugs fixed.
  • File Service new options are added ( Edit File Service -> Overview ).
    • File format e.g if you want accept file name with model number and IMEI 6600_111111111111115 use this (/\d_\d{14,15}/) regular expression
    • You can set wrong custom message for wrong file format e.g. File name must like this "model number _ IMEI" (6600_111111111111119.ASK)]
  • In Template editor mobile template added for customization
  • General Settings -> Quick Checkout Enable/Disable
  • New filtration options are added in reports
  • Bug fixed reported in 1.6.3


Configuration Changes

  • Dashboard
    • Quick Checkout Pending Orders (if in any case your site didn't got paypal IPN call back you then can Manually payment process for Quick checkout orders.)
    • Customer Review (Now updated with IMEI Services and Products)
  • Settings
    • General Settings > Site Settings > Affiliate System (Enable|Disable) globally .
    • General Settings > Site Settings > Wiki Help .
    • Affiliate System  
    • Settings > Registration / Profile ( API , Affiliate )
    • Settings > General Settings > Site Settings > Quick Checkout
  • CMS
    • Index Banner > New Options (Transition,Transition Easing,Textbox Effect,Navigation,Navigation Control Position,Navigation Auto Hide,Next Previous Button )
    • Index Banner > Add Banner Image > New Options (Information Box Width,Information Box From Top,Information Box From Left)
    • Custom Pages > Header META tag description
  • Edit IMEI,File,Server Log Services
    • [ Set Service Price ] > New Options (Do not change custom discounted price , Auto update custom price if new price is lower then user's custom price.)
    • Retail Purchase > New Options (Retail Price , Affiliate Commission)
    • New feature "Customer Review"
    • Edit File Service -> Overview ( File Format , Wrong File Format message )
  • Product/Catalog
    • Edit Product > New Option (Affiliate Commission)
    • Edit Product > Daily Deal
    • List Product > Generate Link with selected products only .
    • Quick Edit Products
    • Edit Product > Product Information (Tick Product Bundle option )
    • Edit Product > Product Information >Daily Deal
  • Edit Client
    • Edit Profile > New Option (Affiliate (Enable|Disable)).
    • Affiliate History/Payout .
  • New Mail template
    • Affiliate Commission
    • Add fund Error
    • Add Fund success
    • Bulk Order success notification


Manually Upgrading

If you choose to upgrade yourself, please follow the instructions below and in the release notes for the specific version to ensure a successful upgrade.

You can upgrade from any version to the latest. You do not need to do each incremental release between your current version & the latest in order to upgrade. Simply download the full release package for the latest version as described below and then follow the upgrade instructions linked to in the included README.txt file.

** System requirements is changed **
PHP 5.4 and latest ioncube loaders is required .

To upgrade your current installation to latest version, simply follow the steps below. These same steps can be used to upgrade from any Old Version.

  1. Begin by take database backup using a tool such as phpMyAdmin.
  2. Backup of your all files, Custom Language files and Template Files .
  3. Now download the latest version either from our Customer Hub Download Latest Version or from the provider of your license.
  4. Next, unzip the contents of the latest yourdomainname.zip file download to a folder on your computer.
  5. Next if you have customized your admin folder name, you should rename the admin folder in the new files to match.
  6. Upload the new files to your existing installation folder overwriting any existing files.
  7. Visit yourdomain.com/installer/ to upgrade.
  8. Accept the license agreement.
  9. Once the updates finish, delete the installer folder from your server.
  10. Don't forgot to remove your browser catch or hard refresh (Ctrl + F5).

The upgrade is now completed. The only thing left to do is update your custom templates if you have any with the new and changed template files for the new version.


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