Release Notes

Version : 1.4.0

Release Date:2011-07-28

Selected changes since Dhru Fusion 1.3 that may be of interest:

  • New admin style with modern CSS standards .
  • Shopping cart improvement with some exciting features .
  • Speed optimize and table structure changes.
  • Fraud protection, IP range etc.. feature added.


New features and improvements

1.4.1 (2011-08-01) - Released

2011-08-01 Released internal beta testing

1.4.2 (2011-08-25) - Released

  • Admin Panel with new look ( Large data divided into group , Intelligent search new look and searching speed increased  , Floating popup windows )
  • Product Order Manager improved
  • Tax Rules by Payment Gateway, Country and State .(e.g. if you want tax from PayPal Mass pay Or taxed only on Google Check our etc.. Make your own rules )
  • New Feature Added Promotion coupon codes with options like (No. of Use,Validity,Promotion amount fixed or Percentage,Order subtotal equals or on selected products) .
  • IP range options added for who is using cluster based hosting Or load balance.
  • Client can set their login IP range with wildcard format (e.g. 192.168.*.* Or 192.168.1.* etc..). 
  • Client can set their APi request from IP range with wildcard format (for e.g. 192.168.*.* Or 192.168.1.* etc..).
  • You can reset assigned Brand/Models, Country/Provider and MEP list from Edit IMEI Service .
  • You can disable new order notification service wise.
  • You can manage all system notification.(Settings > E-Mail Settings > System Notification) 
  • Fraud protection for add fund. (e.g. some times client buy credit and used for imei service and get unlock code after they charge back to paypal etc.. so you want add fund automatically and want review before add funds now there is option to enable Fraud in edit client profile).
  • New option added in Mass Mail utility, Can send mail to selected clients only.
  • Auto country wise site default language set need to configure in Settings > General Settings > Localizations.
  • Admin Live chat visitors tab auto reload Users data.
  • User can set First and Last name of profile at least once even if lock fields.
  • Reseller can enable and disable selected services to his User .
  • Admin can enable or disable notification emails of Users Activities.
  • View order details from User access ( Custom Fields, Reply , Date etc ).
  • Can Change display order for IMEI,File,Server log server service and groups.
  • Form validation and security improved.
  • SEO Keywords option added in site settings .
  • Now you can also add external html code in header directly from admin > Site settings. (e.g. you need to add Google analytics script, or any other 3rd party live help code etc.. )
  • Can set custom shipping gateway cost by weight and country. (e.g. up to 10kg 10$, 11-20kg 30$ etc..)
  • Net profit report added.
  • Improved APi Communication.
    • New APi Synchronize option. (e.g. if want only sync service list or brand models list or mep list etc...) this option help to avoid large number of model list .
    • Cleanup APi listing . (Utility > System Cleanup ).
    • Auto APi listing cleanup while deactivate APi.
  • admin area protract by .htaccess ip range like virtual firewall .
  • Reported bugs from old version are fixed and more stable version released.
  • Speed optimized and stability improved.

1.4.3 - Released

  • Reseller can see their client order history .
  • Can see most Most Viewable Products .
  • Most important: Shipping charges now calculate by total weight of all cart items and warehouse .
  • At check out page client can review of shipping charges with warehouse .
  • Track multiple IMEI service without login at http://yoursite.com/trackservice.php
  • All bugs reported in V1.4.2 is solved.

Configuration Changes

  • General Settings
    • Site Keywords (for SEO)
    • You have re-edit Site Description
    • Other HTML Code (e.g. if you want add Google analytics code or any 3rd party live chat script etc...)
    • Show Service Price (show/hide imei service price on client side.)
    • Gateway Change Allow (client can change gateway on view invoice page)
    • Registration / Profile > Fraud protection (Set Fraud protection status for new users)
    • Localizations > Auto Detect Language
    • Tax > TAX rules with Gateway option
  • Shipping Gateway
    • Custom Gateway > can set price by Weight.
  • Some new Admin Roles page access added.
  • Mail Settings > System Notification
  • Settings > Security Settings > Admin Allowed IP (this great security by .htaccess to protract your admin area. if you got any mistake in add ip range and lost your admin access just remove .htaccess file located in your admin.You can set ip range in CIDR  e.g. 192.168.*.* = etc.. or you can use single ip )


Manually Upgrading

If you choose to upgrade yourself, please follow the instructions below and in the release notes for the specific version to ensure a successful upgrade.

You can upgrade from any version to the latest. You do not need to do each incremental release between your current version & the latest in order to upgrade. Simply download the full release package for the latest version as described below and then follow the upgrade instructions linked to in the included README.txt file.

** System requirements is changed **
PHP 5.4 and latest ioncube loaders is required .

To upgrade your current installation to latest version, simply follow the steps below. These same steps can be used to upgrade from any Old Version.

  1. Begin by take database backup using a tool such as phpMyAdmin.
  2. Backup of your all files, Custom Language files and Template Files .
  3. Now download the latest version either from our Customer Hub Download Latest Version or from the provider of your license.
  4. Next, unzip the contents of the latest yourdomainname.zip file download to a folder on your computer.
  5. Next if you have customized your admin folder name, you should rename the admin folder in the new files to match.
  6. Upload the new files to your existing installation folder overwriting any existing files.
  7. Visit yourdomain.com/installer/ to upgrade.
  8. Accept the license agreement.
  9. Once the updates finish, delete the installer folder from your server.
  10. Don't forgot to remove your browser catch or hard refresh (Ctrl + F5).

The upgrade is now completed. The only thing left to do is update your custom templates if you have any with the new and changed template files for the new version.

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