Shoppingcart order management

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New Order

Go to orders > catelog/cart > inprocess order

  1.  Select checkbox of order that you want to accept. Then click on Accept Order button.
  2. If you want to check item list of order then click on order row. In example there are two items in Order  #8 HP Inspiron 14R SE Laptop and HP Elite Book 2530P Laptop . Brackate shows custom fields value selected by user on order.


Accept Cart Order

  •  After accepting selected orders it shows client address order wise. This is used to create shipping label.

Edit/Reply Cart Order


  1. Filter Item wise order
  2. Edit any order to give reply ( Tracking Code ) and to change order status to shipped


Add Tracking Code or Reject Order


  1. View Invoice , Print invoice with shipping information
  2. Send notification to client about order/shipment status and details
  3. Add tracking code of courier or shipping gateway
  4. Reject Order and Refund amount to client account



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