Product overview

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Product overview

Go to products/services > catelog / cart > edit product > product information

Status : Indicate service stauts active or inactive

Service name : Edit product name

Service listed in group : Service show under the selected service group

Price : Set selling price of item

Affiliate commission : set affiliate commission in percentage

Delivery time : Delivery time of  any  order

Tax applicable : choose to applicable tax with this item's price, click to here to tax setting

Viewere: to show and edit number of viewers of this item

Return validity: Set validty to return or cancel or in number of days

can Cancel order : Yes to cancel new order by user

Is this best selling : Yes to set this product for best selling

Show on home page : Yes to show this item on home page seperately

Product review : Enable to take user's review about this product

Daily deal : Enable to put this product  in daily deals

Lucky draw : Enable to set this item for lucky draw

Product condition : Choose product condition

Call for pricing : Show to user if price is not set

Availability on : set item available date

Out of stock action : choose out of stock action, user can by in advance or can signup for notification

Zero price action :

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