Invoicing And Account Management Last Modified: 2013-08-09

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Add fund to Client account

Funds in client account, client account used for the place any order or purchase any online item on your site

  •  200 $ added to client account and Generate Invoice chebox is checked.
  • Generate invoice is checked it will generate new invoice of 200 USD and invoice status is paid because Paid checkbox also cheked.
  • If Admin only check Generate Invoice then it generate Unpaid Invoice of 200 USD

Client's Invoices


  • In Client Invoice list shows Paid and Unpaid Invoices genreated by Admin ( For add fund ) or generated by User ( for purchase of products/services)
  • Edit Invoice to Pay unpaid invoices

Invoice Management


Apply Credit

  •  There is two way to pay unpaid invoices
  • one Add Payment if client gives amount by cash or by any payment gateway then you can make invoice paid from this tab and also you can add transaction id
  • If client has credit more than unpaid invoice amount than Admin can pay invoice from credit
  • Admin can pay invoice form both method. Partial amount by credit and other by payment gateway


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