Security Steps Last Modified: 2013-08-01

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Go to settings > Security

Maximum login failed attempt : User's account will block after number of attempts if entered wrong username and password

Site ssl link : Site SSL link use to run site securely.

Master pin : To enabled, Users must required master pin to place order

User can reset api ip : To enables, users allow to reset its binded login API ip

User can generate temporary password : To enables, user can generated temporary password will give access to other user for a two hours, after that its expired

User password expired on : Users password expired in number of days after thatĀ  askĀ  for a reset new password

Blocked account : To Blocked, users account will block if login country mismatch

Admin allowed ip : Set ip to login or access account of admin

Passsword security : Users registration input password depends on given password percentage

user's account will block after number of attempts of wrong username and password

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