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Setting up Site and companey name

Most basic configuration settings for your site,your site's title and location,and how dates and times are calculated and displayed,How many items display on page,Enable disable testimonial,contact us,blogs, support ticket,shopping cart,live help,knowledgebase,quick checkout,index and logout page redirection,maximum and minimum add fund credit limit and in order settings like default services,check duplicate IMEI number,happy hours,master pin and user can cancel order settings are here,twitter and facebook api setting,localization setting,profile/registration settings,appearance/template setting can done here

Go to Settings > General site settings > Company Name and Site Name

 site and company name

Write here your company name,website name and logo link

Shows Company name in whole system and logo link is to show your logo in header as well as to show  in email, if not define logo link, will take default company name



Setup site link

Go to Settings > General site settings > Site link

Enter the address you want people to type in their browser to reach your site

For secure site access set site SSL link


Site Settings

Go to Settings > General site settings > Site Settings


Faster Browsing : If your template design is stable then set enable, otherwise your template changes will not apply

Recharge Voucher : Customer can recharge their account balance using recharge voucher number. more about recharge voucher

Shopping Cart : Start your own eCommerce website to sell online products then enable it. (** Required addons for that)

Shopping Cart for Reseller Store : Shopping cart enabled for all reseller account

Testimonial : Testimonial page shows on user side. more about testimonial

Contact Us : Contact us page shows on user side

Blog : Blog post shows on user side. read more how to addd new blog post

Quick Access Menu : Quick access menu shows for admin  (set your quick access menu from settings > Quick access menu)

Knowledge Base : Knowledgebase page shows on user side

Support Ticket : Support ticket shows on user side and  can submit his queries. more about support ticket setting

Live Help : Connects you with your website visitors for live chat and monitors your visitors page

Shipping Cost : Shopping cart page displays shipping cost for clients

Show Service Price : Client shows service price without login

Gateway Change Allow : User allow to change his payment gateway from edit account

Facebook Like : User can like your page with facebook account

Google +1 Like : User can like yout page with google+ account

Affiliate System : Affiliate system is to start or join to  advertise your business online

Wiki Help : Admin pages shows wiki help at bottom

Gift Certificate : Users can gift cerdits from his account to another user account by using unique code

Gift Certificate Tax : Calculate tax on gift certificate

Withdrawal Request : User can request to withdrawal credit

Quick Checkout : You can set different quick checkout style

EU Cookie Law : Gives notification to user and will take permission to save data in cookies

Dashboard Mode : Set dashboard mode light or advance as per your requirement

E-mail History Save : Email history saves your email and conversion with your client. (to view email history go to clients > client list > edit clients > emails)


Settingsup SEO

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Go to Settings > General settings > SEO settings.


SEO Friendly url : SEO-friendly URLs are purely structural URLs that do not contain a query string. In the root directory .htaccess must be required

Page Title Format : Provides a title for the page, displays a title for the page in search-engine

Site Description : Description provides the user a summary of what your website is about, It is not visible on your webpage but appears below your Site Title in search engine results

Site Keywords : Enter key word which is help to search your site in google



Contact Us/Site Page Redirect

Go to Settings > General site settings > Contact Us/Site page redirect

You can use this form to give  feedback or report any problems your clients experienced finding information on our website

Contact Us E-mail : Set contact us email where customer contact with you

Index Redirect : Set filename.php  to redirect your default index page to filename.php

Logout RedirectSet filename.php to redirect after logout  to filename.php in the place of logout.php


Fund Settings

Go to Settings > General site settings > fund settings

Add Fund : To Enables, client could add fund in his account by any payment gateway. read more about add fund

Minimum Add Fund : Set the minimum amount a client can add in a single transaction

Maximum Add Fund : Set the Maximum amount a client can add in a single transaction

Maximum Balance : Defined maximum credit balance of client account


Page Records

Go to Settings > General site settings > page records

Products per page :  Define number of cart items shows per page

No of Display item per page : Define number of  items shows per page

Blog Post per page : Define number of blog post shows per page

The Number of Activity Log Entries you wish to keep : saves activity log  in defined number, you wish to store new another entry, please remove previous activity log



Go to settings > general settings > orders


Default service : Checked the service which users can place order.

User can cancel order : To enables, user could cancel its own order

User cancel order time : User could cancel order in given number of minutes

Order for veritication : User could resend order for verification in given number of minute.

Check duplication : To enable, Client place new order, will check duplication of IMEI number

Happy hours : To enable, you can set discount on any product for an hours or days. read more how to set service for happy hours

Master Pin : To enable, PIN number needs for client to place new order

Place order type : To display service with group or without group on place order page

Information position : Choose to display service information  on top or bottom of page

Subscription reminder : System auto send email of subscription end within days to client before defined number of days. more about how to set service for subscription

Predefine replies : Used to attach predefine replies with reply order

Display order : Choose to display order  on page in ascending or in descending



Twitter application access

Go to settings > general settings > others


Go to dev.twitter.com sign in with your Twitter credentials, next click Register an application

Fill the form, it’s automatically accepted so Twitter guys probably don’t check it all, but still … keep it professional.

One important thing here is to select "Read and Write" on "Default Access type".

Click "Register Application" and you’re done

Now you will need 4 keys to make your app work.

Go to View Your Applications and then click "Edit details" on your newly created app. Scroll down and copy (somewhere) "Consumer Key” and "Consumer Secret"

At bottom option to create "Create Access Token" and copy both: "Access Token (oauth_token)" and "Access Token Secret (oauth_token_secret)"


Facebook application access

Go to settings > general settings > other


Facebook only allows registrated apps to interact with Facebook accounts and pages. The next step is therefore to register your app.

You can register a new app on this page

To register a Facebook App you need to provide: Site name, Site url (with ending "/") and the locality of your application.
If everything is OK, you get to a registration conformation screen, where you get the two important informations: App ID and App Secret that you need in settings.


Localizations Settings

Go to settings > general settings > localization

Localization is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture,and time

Default Country : Default country Set here

Character set  for user : you found any funny character on user's template, please set your system language related charactor set,the default character-set for modern browsers is ISO-8859-1

Character set for admin : you found any funny character on admin's template, please set your system language related charactor set,the default character-set for modern browsers is ISO-8859-1

Date format : Choose date formate which will be use in order invoice date, place order date,payment transaction date etc...

User Language : Default user language set here

Allow user to change language : To allow,  Can allow to user to change language from edit profile

Default time zone : Default time zone set here


Tax Settings

Go to settings > general settings > tax


Tax applicable : To enable , apply tax on your selling products

Tax type : Choose inclusive tax if selling price include tax,otherwise choose exclusive tax

Invoice pay to : Invoice prints address which will you write here

Tax list : Different type of tax can set country wise,state wise and gateway wise


Registration and profile settings

Go to settings > general settings > registration & Profile

Anyone to be able to register an account on your site

Lock fileds : Client can not edit lock field

Registration Mode : manual mode could admin active user manually, automatic mode could user activation themselves by email and disable to restrict new guest user for registration

Registration Expires :  if registration type is manual then unaccepted account by admin of user's account will be automatically  deleted after given days

User can signup :  User could signup with his google, yahoo or facebook account

Required Captcha : Captcha show on registration page to restrict fraude account


Default Signup Values

Go to settings > general settings > registration & profile

API Access :  To Enable, default API access enabled to new register user

Affiliate : To Enable, default Affiliate enabled to new register user

Customize Email : To Enable, default customize email enabled to new register user

Frade Protection : To Enable, default Fraud protection enabled to new register user, click to show Fraude Protection

Default Signup group : To Enable, default assign group to new registrered user


Appearance / Template

Go to settings > general settings > appearance

You replace the appearance of an existing template without changing its functionality

Template : Client  template set here

Client area template : existing users will show template after login, tick the checkbox to set template forcefully for all user after login

Cart style : Cart style template set here


Google Analytics

Go to settings > general settings > others

Gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back 

Tracking code : get tracking code from google analytics and fill up it in tacking code input field

Tracking Domain : Fill up tracking domain name to track your website


Other HTML

Go to settings > General settings > other

Extra html code write here

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