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The creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and deliver email of product stock,unpaid invoice reminder,credit validity reminder,last login alert to user,auto updatation of GEO country database and currency value updation,auto delete due invoice,quick checkout order also backup of your users,statement and orders data etc...


Invoice due date : Over due date of unpaid invoice's email will be send to users

Cancel invoice due date : Invoice cancel after number of days

Client group expiry reminder : Group expiry reminder mail will be sent to subscriber user of any group

Delete invoice after due :  Invoice delete after number of days

Daily email backup : Check the checkbox to take daily backup of users accounts,orders details and statements

Daily sitemap generate : Check the checkbox to generate daily sitemap

Low stock alert : low stock alert will be send to email

Last login alert : Alert email will sent to users which is not login since number of days

Low credit reminder : Reminder email will be sent to users has low credit

Credit validity reminder : Credit validity reminder email will be sent to users

Auto ticket closed : Open ticket close automatically after number of days

Reorder level : Reorder level email will be sent to admin of product stock

Quick checkout order remove : Orders of quick checkout remove automatically after number of days

Currency update : Check the checkbox to update currency rate automatically

Geo country database update : Check the checkbox to update GEO country database automatically

Price change notification : Mass mail will be sent to users of product price change


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