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We've tried to make Fusion as easy to customize as possible for our users. All pages of the client area is templates to allow you to change the look and feel of every aspect of the system. we use the powerful Smarty template system which allows you to:

   Customize the layout and content of the client area
   Add your own HTML & PHP code to enhance and extend
   Customize text strings within the language files

A page is made up of three templates that are combined in this order:

   The Page Template.tpl

The header and footer are common to every page displayed as a wrapper around the content. Within the template folders you will see numerous other template files, these take the place of 'The Page Template' above. These templates define what is displayed on each page and are named so that you can easily identify which template relates to which page. So for example the template that defines the homepage at (yoursite.com/) is index.tpl, the main client area page is home.tpl and so on.

The Basic Steps

  1. Duplicate the "default" folder in the templates folder and rename it to a custom name
  2. You can then make your changes to the template files as required - header.tpl and footer.tpl affect the header and footer of all pages - all other template files are for their respective pages
  3. Once complete, upload your new templates folder to the templates directory on your server.
  4. To set it live for display by default, login to the admin area, go to General Site Settings and on the Appearance tab , choose your custom template name from the Template dropdown menu.

More Information

For further documentation on template customizations, see the official Smarty documentation @ http://smarty.net/docs.php

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