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Mass mail

Go to Utilities > mass mail > mass mail

The Mass Mail  allows the sending of an email message to a group of clients ranging from every client on file to those who meet specific criteria

  1. Select receipiant :  Select receipient with different options with different combination like user status and user type and client group
  2. Select Template : You can send existing system template by mail or compose new template

Note : When composing the email you will see the full list of clients matching your selected criteria in the To field. This is so you can review who will be receiving it but each email is sent individually and so the receiver will not see any other client's addresses in the To field of the copy they receive


Configure iContact

Go to utilities > mass mail > iContact

Mass mail with iContact account

  1. First signup to iContact account
  2. login to your icontact account
  3. get api key account id
  4. Fill up account id, api key, icontact username, api password and folder id in icontact account information


Configure mail chimp

Go to utilities > mass mail > mail chimp


Mass mail with mail chimp account

  1. First signup to mail chimp account
  2. get api keys and authorized apps details and api key
  3. Create list from lists and get your list id
  4. Fill up api key and list id in mail chimp account information

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