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User can cancel order set from service overview page, Find cancel order label in basic settings and set yes to cancel order

IMEI service overview

Go to products/services > IMEI services > edit imei service

Status : Indicate service stauts active or inactive

Service name : Editview of service name

Service information : Service selection shows service information on place order page

Service listed in group : Service will show under the selected group

Delivery time : Unlock code delivery time of any  place order of service

Price : Selling price of service

Service type : choose Database, calculator or other service type

Icon link : External icon link (e.g. http://www.yoursitename/imagepath ) or gallery image link to shows icon of service

Download link : Download  link add to download any service related information

Knowledgebase : Service related knowledgebase shows to user on place order page

Verification : User can reply successfull order for verification

Cancel order : User can cancel new order if order was not accepted by admin

Features : Services features can show to user

Notification by email : New order notification mail will sent to admin as well as to supplier or will sent to given email id, Email ids are seperate by commas

Notification by sms : Order notification will sent to user by sms

Order successfull : Choose email template which will sent to user at successfully order place

Order rejected : Choose email template which will sent to user of reject order

Ebay item number : Ebay item code sets  to sell item from ebay site

Also You can set globally


Go to settings > general settings > orders


Default service : Checked the service which users can place order.

User can cancel order : To enables, user could cancel its own order

User cancel order time : User could cancel order in given number of minutes

Order for veritication : User could resend order for verification in given number of minute.

Check duplication : To enable, Client place new order, will check duplication of IMEI number

Happy hours : To enable, you can set discount on any product for an hours or days. read more how to set service for happy hours

Master Pin : To enable, PIN number needs for client to place new order

Place order type : To display service with group or without group on place order page

Information position : Choose to display service information  on top or bottom of page

Subscription reminder : System auto send email of subscription end within days to client before defined number of days. more about how to set service for subscription

Predefine replies : Used to attach predefine replies with reply order

Display order : Choose to display order  on page in ascending or in descending


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