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wrong again please fix Auto update Client group price as per new price force fully

Priority: high  |  Version : 2.4.1 RC1  |   Date : 2015-11-09   |   User : Rizwan Khan   |   Vote : 1   |   Implemented in Version : 2.4.1 RC1    

I am testing this ''Auto update Client group price as per new price force fully'' on 2.4.1 rc1 beta however its not working as it should. I have provided screenshots on feature request but when I checked this on demo and on my server beta version its not working as its should, wrongly programmed on service price, it should take group price each separately to calculate into other currency. Please see all screenshot where I have explained in details. Thanks when I change service price and tick auto update its showing i.e. 15 for all user groups as starting price which is wrong, when i change price like gold 14, silver 15 and so on then hit save its not auto updating group price into other currency. However its is wrongly converting service price into mutli currency and not taking Group price as base to convert that into others. Please screenshots, I am trying to report this for so long but every time new release is given this is still wrong or not working so please carefully check and fix this.

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