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dear support pls help my wwwadejunlockcom

Priority: medium  |  Version : 2.1.1RC14  |   Date : 2013-10-15   |   User : theeradej wichaigul   |   Vote : 1   |   Implemented in Version : 2.2.1 RC26    

1. i can not auto update now i user 2.1.1 RC15 can not up to newversion now i chang php to 3.3 2.i have too much proplem for set service some time can update price to group some time can not to do 3.i can not do seo google some word wrong site mep wrong cretea when google check 4.blog error 5.can not show Tweets 6.mobile templet can not use pls u help me up date new version for fix this proplem thx u very much

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