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Retail Invoice Credit Bug when retail customer has some credit on account

Priority: high  |  Version : 3.1 RC1  |   Date : 2016-01-01   |   User : Rizwan Khan   |   Vote : 1    

Invoice Bug when retail customer has some credit on account this happens if retail customer has already some balance on their account Customer balance on account £1.62 from previous rejected order customer placed new IMEI order of £6.05 paypal payment received as £6.05 fusion invoice generated as below which is very odd? (status unpaid but paid in full as mentioned above) Unpaid Invoice details are as below Total Due: £4.34 Pending: £0.34 Invoice sub total: £6.05 Invoice credit: £1.62 Invoice total: £4.43 So the total of 4.43+1.62 becomes £6.05 why 0.34 is pending and where this amount has come from? why paypal payment wasnt reduced by £1.62 (customer balance) as customer already had that balance on account The only way to process this order was to click on payment tab on invoice and add £0.34 with paypal transaction id to turn this invoice to PAID status, tried all other ways but invoice status was keep showing pending with £0.34??? In this case fusion has applied customer account balance to invoice (Correctly) as credit but then NOT included £1.62 into consideration to reduce paypal payment total accordingly. Please provide fix so that retail customer should be able to pay the remaining and place new order as normal or fix this bug so that available balance is not credited to invoice and fix the bug of £0.34 as no idea where it has come from?

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