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Priority: high  |  Version : 2.1.1RC14  |   Date : 2013-10-11   |   User : Amit Nanwani   |   Vote : 1    

Ok i have read all of this but i still have a simple doubt. If my reseller has profit, he will have a higher amount of credit in credit left and a lower amount in selling credit limit. So, how can he use his profit ? how should i transfer this amount to him ? and how is this working in a automated way ? i.e. > I sell my reseller at the price 1 credit he sells at the price of 10 credits at the end of 100 credit uses he ends with 90 credits in credit limit. how does he earn this amount ? or spend ? if he tries to spend in my store it asks him that he does not have selling credit limit and he can not purchase the service even though he has 90 credits.

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