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Error scrip form ver 182 to now 2119

Priority: high  |  Version : 2.1.1RC14  |   Date : 2013-10-17   |   User : Amnard Chumrak   |   Vote : 1   |   Implemented in Version : 2.2.1 RC26    

Error scrip form ver. 1.8.2 to now 2.1.19 Please help me check. Dear support pls help me check scrip (www.thailandunlock.com) (Addons Option I buy : E-commerce, Mobile Edition, Upgrade Service, Support and Maintenance, SMS.) I have Problem from version 1.8.2 to now 2.1.1 RC19 1. (RSS FEED ERROR. View Rss show error : error on line 7 at column 8: Encoding error) 2. (Service price of custom group i set for customer save not same i set. Error click service when customer click for look service : example service some service unlock in croatia ... when click this service will show i other in other group. Error click catalog sale catalog.) 3. (when add any code in cms > Advertising . Code not working. & Option register will problem.) 4. (Sitemap & SEO after create ... sitemap file will wrong create for end inside..) 5. (Mobile template not run when open with mobile-phone.) 6.(blog error) 7. (Keyboard Shortcuts can not enable) (last time I open ticket : [Ticket ID: 903036] 05-10-2013 15:56 ) (You answer me : 10-10-2013 : we are out V2.2 in few days . please create new script upgrade & fix problem for me , Bro) (I will Show 2 problem follow link..) http://s8.postimg.org/8pzhj6m3p/dhru_problem_mobile_scrip.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/je38i0w2t/Dhru_scrip_error_view_rss_error.jpg (Please help me Check..) Thank you So much ..

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