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Priority: high  |  Version : 2.2.1 RC29  |   Date : 2014-08-02   |   User : Mehdi Kouki   |   Vote : 3    

I have big problem on my website, they no working, i have this message: ERROR455 # unable to auto repair your configuration I contact bluehost support and they told me its problem with the coding of those files: - Use of undefined constant COMMSTART - assumed 'COMMSTART' in /home2/smartun5/public_html/comm.php on line 0 - Use of undefined constant ADMIN - assumed 'ADMIN' in /home2/smartun5/public_html/comm.php on line 0 - Undefined variable: config in /home2/smartun5/public_html/comm.php on line 0 Help me please. Bests regards,

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